Corliss Badeaux

Ms. Corliss Marie Badeaux, Instructor of English
B.A., M.A., M.F.A. McNeese State University

SFAA, 209
(337) 475-5310

Associate Director, Write To Excellence Center (WTEC)
• Faculty Advisor for the International Student Association
• Trainer for ESL Tutors at the Write to Excellence Center
• Freshman-Sophomore Committee, Department of English and Foreign Languages
• PASS/Bridge Committee
• Assessment and gathering of data for Freshman English courses for benchmarking, QEP, and SACS Report

• Secretary, Council for International Concerns. Active in coordinating, with other campus groups and community/civic groups and individuals, presentations and activities regarding our international population (at the university AND in the community)

• Fiction Writing
• Folk Music Research
• Since the spring of 2005, I have worked with Dr. Delma McLeod Porter, Dr. Keagan LeJeune, and others on “Crossing the Marsh: An Oral History of Cameron Parish,” which examines occupations in Cameron Parish and the relation of the character of the people to the geography of the area. This was part of a grant from the Louisiana Division of Arts, but was interrupted by the hurricanes of fall 2005. The work is still in progress as Cameron Parish begins to rebuild
• Work with particularly challenged students, especially English as a Second Language students and “nontraditional” students

• South Central Modern Language Association
• Louisiana Folklore Society
• Louisiana Council of Teachers of English
• Louisiana Association for Developmental Education

Bridging the Gap: Developing Academic Writing Skills. Sulphur, OK: Fountainhead Press, 2007 (with Dr. Delma McLeod-Porter and Shonell Bacon)
Bridging the Gap: Research and Writing. Sulphur, OK: Fountainhead Press, 2006 (with Dr. Delma McLeod-Porter and Shonell Bacon)
Bridging the Gap: Learning to Write Effectively. Sulphur, OK: Fountainhead Press, 2005 (with Dr. Delma McLeod-Porter et al.)

• “A Collaborative Essay: Documenting Individual and Community Responses to Hurricane Rita.” Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Fall 2007 (with Dr. Keagan LeJeune, Dr. Stella Nesanovich, and Wendy Whelan-Stewart)
“Annotated Bibliography Regarding the Louisiana Neutral Zone or No Man’s Land.” (with Dr. Keagan LeJeune and Wendy Whelan-Stewart). Part of a larger project, “Louisiana’s Frontier: A Summary Report to Five Parishes West of the Cultural Survey of the Region,” in conjunction with a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, also involving other folklife researchers in the state (Spring 2007)

• “The Boy with Cartoon Vision,” Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, November 2004
• “The 13th Buzz,” McNeese State University (Part of graduating MFA candidates’ presentation)
• “Roads,” McNeese State University, Women’s Studies Brown Bag Lunch Readings
• “Girl of Light,” excerpt published in McNeese Women’s Studies Newsletter, Spring 2002
• “The Boy with Cartoon Vision,” Texas Writers Association conference, Beaumont, Texas, Fall 2002