Dr. John A. Wood, Professor of English and Photographic History
(retired 2006)
B.A., Arkansas State University; M.F.A., Ph.D., University of Arkansas

Founder of the McNeese MFA Program

Editor, The Journal of Contemporary Photography (1998-present).

• Literature, art, music — and their relationships

• Sally Mann: Photographs and Poems, ed. (2005)
• The Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake, [photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin], ed. (2004)
• Keith Carter:  Holding Venus (2000)
Luis González Palma:  Poems of Sorrow (1999)
• Selected Poems 1968–1998 (1999)
• The Gates of the Elect Kingdom
(poems, 1997)
The Photographic Arts (1997)
The Scenic Daguerreotype: Romanticism and Early Photography (1995)
Secrets of the Dark Chamber (1995)
The Art of the Autochrome (1995)
In Primary Light (poems, 1994)
America and the Daguerreotype (1991)